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But, what he does need is something that is sturdy and durable and it needs to be easy for you to clean as well. Cat feeders and bowls should be cat-proof. One type of cat feeder is a type that refills from a reservoir as your cat drinks from the bowl. These can be used to feed one cat for several days even. 

This should initially remove the knots and tangles on their fur. Afterwards, you can use a fine-toothed comb to work the smaller knots on the fur and eliminate the more stubborn knots. 2. Bathing Cats do not often require bathing because they basically take good care of themselves when it comes to grooming. 

No rubbing the nose of the cat in it, that will only cause pain, or do anything that would harm or hurt your cat. By doing any of these painful acts will only make the cat afraid of you and you will have a very hard time training your cat to do any behaviors, or taking care of your cat. Let us look over the potty training a cat. 

) and operant conditioning (cat performs movement to receive food). Why use a clicker and not tell a cat or make a sound to get your cat to do a trick? A clicker has a sound a cat can hear and associate good behavior. With words, our tones in our voice can change from time to time, which a cat can become confused with the training. 

Female cats have many heat periods over a year, and each heat period can last around 6 days if a male mates with her, but if she is not mated, then the period of heat will last longer and will recur regluarly (This is known as 'polyestrous'). She can give birth to an average 3 kittens 3 times a year and being 'superfecund' meaning that each of the kittens in her litter can belong to a different father each! 

Your cat will not know from the start that it has to use a scratch post to sharpen its claws. You need to teach it to do so. If your cat beings to attack the furniture, clearly say NO . Then take the cat to the scratching post and put its paws on it. You can scratch with your own nails too, as the noise will make the cat curious.