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They are still being watched to insure that they conform to the new breed standard. Finally, the one breed currently in the Miscellaneous Class is still having a breed standard created and cannot actually compete for the best in show title. In Canada, you can register your cat in the Canadian Cat Association. 

For kittens and still growing cats you ll want an adjustable collar to allow for some growth, but make sure you check the fit on a regular basis. Most collars have 2 methods of fastening around the cat s neck. You have the traditional buckle style which is easy to put on and take off but the buckle can break. 

When the cat stops grooming itself, then that is the time that the owner should worry. The cat may not be feeling well. Cats like to eliminate in relatively clean places. In fact, you will find outdoor cats digging the ground before releasing their waste. Afterwards, they cover their waste. For indoor cats, the owner should provide a litter box. 

But, if you end up with a few black or brown specks, this too is a sign that they are hiding somewhere on the pet s body. To find them, run your hands over the cat s body. Look for raised spots on him. If you find one or more, check it closely to see if it has little legs. If so the cat has ticks. You ll need to ask your vet about having the tick removed as you can not do this yourself without risking the tick s head staying behind in your pet s skin. 

Choose one which is specifically designed to prevent cats with light-colored eyes to develop stains. For the ears, cats collect a considerable amount or wax so you have to take care of it when grooming. 4. Keeping the paws clean. Cats are in the habit of scratching surfaces so it is better to keep them away from the furniture items in the house. 

One type of cat feeder is a type that refills from a reservoir as your cat drinks from the bowl. These can be used to feed one cat for several days even. You can use these to feed multiple cats too. There are some disadvantages to using them though. For example an aggressive cat can easily prevent the other shyer cats from getting enough food.