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The two talking cats

A difficult choice since the kitten of today is going to be a member of your household for a long time. Perhaps it is better to get an adult cat since it has already developed a personality and you will know what you are getting. Adult cats easily adapt to a new home and get attached to the new owner as easily as a kitten. 

Do not change the rules when you ve decided them, as this can cause difficulties. If your cat trusts you, it will probably do what you want, so speak in a calm tone. Your cat can tell if you are anxious, so don t worry if things go wrong. Keep calm and start again. Don t force training on your cat, only attempt it when it seems happy to do so. 

Food that is chicken flavored only has to taste like chicken, but may not contain any animal meat at all. Also, chicken is generally better than beef for cats. And it goes without saying, preservatives, as well as artificial colors, should be avoided whenever possible. Although specific research is lacking on this subject, we do know that preservatives and artificial colors can have a negative impact on human health. 

Owners of senior cats can help their aging felines maintain an ideal body weight throughout the senior lifestage by feeding a diet that addresses their unique nutritional needs. Purina Pro Plan, for instance, has reformulated its entire line of senior cat foods to address the changing nutritional needs of aging cats in two different phases of the senior lifestage: ages 7 to 11 (mature) and 11 and up (senior). 

It would also help if you keep those paws clean and trim their nails. You can go to a pet store and buy a nail trimmer specially designed for cats. Ask your veterinarian for the proper way to trim your cats nails so as not to hurt them in the process. If you find that your cat exhibits a not-so-healthy clawing habit, you may go for the option of declawing your cat. 

They recognize only 41 breeds of cats. The breeder registers a litter of kittens with the Cat Fancier's Association. Then they have the option of deciding whether or not to allow the kitten to be bred. Only cats with a pin number on their registration forms will be eligible to have their kittens registered.