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Surprised Kitty (Original)

Make the introduction, slowly, bit by bit, it is a good idea to let your existing cat sniff your new kitten's blanket a few times before they actually meet. Make the initial periods of contact short. Gradually increase the time that they spend together as they get used to one another. It is not unusual for there to be a few spats in these first meetings, so do not leave them alone together until they get on. 

When the cat starts to scratch, lift the cat and place him/her next to the scratch post, they will soon get the message and use the post instead of the furniture. If you are concerned about your cat going missing, or it being involved in an accident, you can have a micro-chip (approximately the size of a grain of rice) inserted into the back of the cat s neck. 

They don t cost very much because cat food and litter are very cheap. They don t require as many vet visits for routine shots either like dogs do which can become quite expensive. For those that have problems with mice, cats make a great natural system for taking care of them. This means you won t have to deal with messy traps or dangerous poisons around your home. 

A good cat carrier should be both safe and comfortable for your cat, it should have enough room inside for a fully grown cat to have some freedom of movement, and your cat should be able to both stand up and turn around in side its cage. Air holes on all sides are also needed as this allows the air to fully circulate and your cat to look out. 

We want quality feline company with a pedigree and the only way to guarantee that a cat is a purebreed is to contact one of the national cat associations or similar organisations in other countries. To find a purebred cat, you may start with the Cat Fancier s Association. The CFA was created to maintain breed standards and to register litters as purebreds. 

The Supplies To do the task, you ll need some supplies. The very least you will need are two cloth towels, a pet safe shampoo and conditioner, a sponge and a sprayer to attach to your skin nozzle. No sprayer? Then use a pitcher of water and keep it near the sink. You should try to have a non skid mat there as well to help your cat feel better about standing in the water.